Best New Mashups: Video and YouTube

When looking at the tags associated with the mashups that are submitted to our directory; the most popular ones have always been mapping, social and search. In recent months that trend has continued and today we look at a mashup type that is nearly as popular but doesn't seem to get as much coverage; the video mashup. These recent Mashup of the Day selections all incorporate video, specifically the YouTube API.

allSongsBy - allSongsBy provides full song listings for any artist via YouTube's vast free music collection. Lists are organized by artist and album. APIs used include: iTunes and iTunes Connect, YouTube. More at our allSongsBy profile.

Highest Hits Videos - Highest Hits is a YouTube video search app. Users can share videos on Facebook and comment using their Facebook ID. Videos can be viewed normally or by using JQuery Lightbox. APIs used include: Facebook, YouTube. More are out Highest Hits Videos profile.

How to pronounce words and use them - A new approach to providing more dynamic usage examples than you'll find in today's typically static English dictionaries. With it, users can search for a word and not only get sentences and audio pronunciations but also tagged and time-stamped videos of real people in real situations from YouTube speaking and using the word in context. Users can learn pronunciations more effectively by seeing the facial gestures needed to produce them and experience how words are really pronounced with other words and not just in isolation. APIs used include:, Topsy, YouTube. More at our How to pronounce words and use them profile.

ListnPlay - ListnPlay allows users to make and share playlists of audio, video, albums or other people's playlists. APIs used include: MusicBrainz, SoundCloud, YouTube. More at our ListnPlay profile.

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