Best New Mashups: Visual Shopping and Geo IP

Another busy week of new mashups, with an average of more than five per day, with no signs of letting-up. The API of choice continues to be, surprise-surprise, Google Maps. A few of the other APIs used include Trynt API, the Amazon E-Commerce API and the Vast API.


Geo IP

  • Flowser: is graphical Amazon Browser. Type in a product name and see a visualization of the search results by product type.
  • AmzWish: Uses the Amazon API and tools from RSSBus to create a wishlist widget. With this widget, not only will people buy you things, but you can get paid when they do.
  • Geo IP Tool: See geographical information about any Internet IP address or domain in the world.
  • Wikiloc: A collaborative mashup that helps people discover and share GPS tracks and waypoints. Over 600 tracks uploaded now.
  • Rentalio: Designed to help you find for vacation rentals. The first mashup on this site to use the Vast API.

Here is the full list of 1,122 mashups.

John Musser



[...] Continuing from Friday’s best-of post, here are some more notable new mashups. These weekly summaries are now getting longer– in two parts — because of the increased volume of mashups. Even between these two posts they only cover about one out of every five entries this past week. [...]