Best New Mashups: War, Spam and Disease

Time once again to see what's most interesting from the latest set of mashups. And, as you can see from the post's title, a bit more serious in the subject matter this round. First some general ProgrammableWeb metrics: 1337 total, 174 in the past 30 days, and a 30 day average of 5.80/day. Mapping as subject matter was down below a third of the entries for the past two weeks, with a much broader distribution across shopping, search, mobile, and video. Here are the best from the week (part 1):

Mashing Up the War


  • Mashing Up the War: Total Iraq coalition casualties, civilian deaths, US dollars spent, and the latest headline image from Yahoo News, all in one tiny widget.
  • PhishTank SiteChecker: Checks the current website you are on against the PhishTank database. Blocks the page if it is a known phish. Available as an extension for Seamonkey, Firefox, Flock, Mozilla and IE and Opera as a greasemonkey script.
  • EpiSPIDER: is an application that plots emerging infectious disease information from ProMED Mail, combines it with country info from the CIA Factbook and PubMED, extracts location using natural language processing and plots them on Google Maps.

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