Best New Mashups: Weather Mashups Using Weather Underground, Yahoo Weather and World Weather Online

It's May and that means that we don't want to spend our weekends stuck inside. We want to know if and when the weather will be good so that we can enjoy our time outside. This week's roundup includes mashups that cover all aspects of weather forecasts. You can also take a look at previous weather mashups that we've highlighted. The big surprise is that Accuweather isn't represented here. If you know of any good apps or mashups using the Accuweather API, please let us know about them.

WeatherSpark - A rich, interactive map with the current conditions from thousands of locations worldwide. APIs used include: WorldWeatherOnline, GoogleMaps. More at our WeatherSpark profile.

Can I Leave - Simple website that uses geo-located data to tells if the user if the weather conditions are good for leaving their home. Weather can be expressed in US and metric units. APIs used include: YahooWeather, YahooQueryLanguage, YahooGeoLocation. More at our Can I Leave profile.

Weather to Golf - Weather To Golf helps golfers get on the course by letting them know when conditions are ideal. This is done by constantly checking weather forecasts in the user's area for ideal conditions using a weather algorithm and the Wunderground API. APIs used include: WeatherUnderground. More at our Weather to Golf profile.

Weather Center - Weather Center is the weather app that has all the data users will ever need. It tracks general weather including summary and detailed forecasts. It also provides users with information on severe weather including storm reports, NWS watches and warnings, storm cell tracking and more. APIs used include: HAMweatherAeris. More at our Weather Center profile.

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