Best New Mashups: Week in Review Featuring Instagram, Flickr and LyricFind

With the weekend coming up let’s take a look back at the mashups that were added to the ProgrammableWeb mashup directory over the last couple of weeks. Today we’ll cover four mashups that include story narration with Instagram photo backdrops, a tool to follow the migration of monarch butterflies, a text-to-speech karaoke service, and visual representation of road related deaths across the world. Read below for more details on each.

StoryWheel – This mashup is an app that allows users to narrate a story while using their Instagram photos for a visual representation. APIs used include: Instagram. More at our StoryWheel profile.

Monarch Butterfly Migration Explorer – Monarch Butterfly Migration Explorer utilizes the photo sharing capabilities of Flickr to count sightings of butterflies then display the results on a map. Furthermore, this mashup uses Google Maps to display the results.  APIs used include: Flickr and Google Maps. More at our Monarch Butterfly Migration Explorer profile.

Cyborg Karaoke party – This mashup uses various karaoke tracks from Rdio, a music subscription service, with a text-to-speech library that converts lyrics from LyricFind into digital speech. In a nutshell, a robotic karaoke app. APIs used include: LyricFind and Rdio. More at our Cyborg Karaoke party profile.

Road Kill Map – Road Kill Map is a visual representation of the 1.24 million deaths that occur on roadways annually across the world. It leverages Google Maps to aggressively show the deathes highlighted in blue while standing out in a yellow background. APIs used: Google Maps. More at our Road Kill Map profile.

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