Best New Mashups: Week in Review Featuring YouTube, Facebook and Google

In the last week we have had some great mashups featured as Mashup of The Day. Since the week is coming to a close we will now take the time to review the best of the best. In the past week we have had a YouTube video aggregator, a google street view tool and a lyric sharing service. For more details on each, continue reading below. - Have you ever tried to find a video on YouTube that you had recently watched and the search took forever? aimes to fix that problem. The site helps users to aggregate and organize their favorite YouTube videos. Only one API was needed to make this mashup... the YouTube API (big surprise?). If you want to find out more about, check out our profile.

Real Indoor - Real Indoor is a mashup that was designed for cyclists. You can input a starting point and a finishing destination and the mashup will show a street view of the journey. This mashup would be great fun for cyclists that train indoors or for anyone that has a lot of time on their hands. APIs used include: Google AJAX Libraries, Google Directions, Google Geocoding, Google Maps, Google Maps Elevation, Google Places, Google Street View Image, Panoramio, UserVoice, YouTube. To learn more about this mashup check out the Real Indoor Profile.

LyricStatus - LyricStatus allows you to search for lyrics to songs and then share them with your facebook friends. This has to be the easiest way to prove that you WERE singing the correct lyrics. APIs used in this Mashup include: Facebook, Facebook Graph, YouTube. To find out more check out the LyricStatus Profile.

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