Best New Mashups

After a bit of a lull the pace of new mashup activity seems to be picking-up again. A lot of very interesting mashups have been added here lately. Here's a few:

  • Daylight Map: Excellent visualization of current daylight and nighttime regions around the world. Use the Options bar on the right to tune the settings.
  • Relate-a-zon Game: Six Degrees of Amazon recommended products. Complete missions like Find your way from DeWalt drill to the book American Psycho. Least hops or money spent earns a spot on the highscore. Fun game via the Amazon API.
  • Realtime Satellite Tracking Map: Very unique mashup that allows you track any of dozens of satellites in realtime as they circle the earth. Watch them move across the top of Google Maps. Lots of peripheral details as well.
  • Flickr Group Browser: Explore the relationship between Flickr groups and photos with this useful groups browser. While there, checkout GustavoG's excellent visualization.
  • Following Political Dollars: Useful mashup that lets you see who has been donating money to which political party by zip code. Good combination of raw data, charts and maps. Data source is The Fundrace Project.
  • Top US High Schools: Map of the top high schools in the United States as reported in Newsweek. May 8th 2006 issue.

There have been other interestings one of late and will write about more shortly. In the meantime, the overall total here is getting close to 700. Full listing here.


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[...] The term “mashup” is sooooo Web 2.0 *yawn*, but ProgrammableWeb’s “Best New Mashups” has some interesting links.  I particularly liked Relate-a-zon, but I am not going to take it seriously.  Not until I’m done marking, anyway.  Well, maybe if I played just a little now, I’d be able to focus better… [...]


Don't forget to add The Google Earth Directory, which lets you zoom in to any location in Google Earth and view any nearby flickr photos... I've lost count of the hours I've wasted crawling around the globe looking at photos.