Best New Mashups

Here's a sampling of the best new mashups added at ProgrammableWeb recently (go here for the full list of 789 mashups):

  • Slurlmaker for Second Life: Slurlmarker uses your account to create a bookmark slurl of your favorite locations in Second Life.
  • Flickrball: A fun six-degrees-of-separation scavenger-hunt game, using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues.
  • ASCII Maps: Google Maps in ASCII characters. Very retro, very creative mashup.

More best-of coming this week.


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<strong> [Clip] Flickr・Second Life�Mashupサービス / エンタープライズ2.0 / Diggユーザー�94%�男性ギーク?</strong>

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ASCII Maps?!? what a joke haha. Kudos to the makers tho.. must have had too much free time !!!