Best News Mashups Announced in Daylife Challenge

Daylife has announced the winners of the 2008 DayPI Developer Challenge. Their DayPI is a unique API for building news-based applications. We wrote about the DayPI Developer Challenge last month. The challenge offered a US $3,500 first prize and two US $750 runner-up prizes.

First prize was awarded to the NewsLine mashup, by Dipity. This winning mashup enables users to select topics, comparison topics, and multiple ways of viewing available news (and uses the Dipity Timeline API, a Web Service we covered earlier this month). For example, if you go directly to the NewsLine home page, you'll see a time line of today's top stories. You can also view these stories arranged as a list or flipbook, or arranged on a map. More at our Newsline profile.

A search on the topic "Beijing Olympics" gives you a timeline page with an enormous number of stories dated August 2008, but with stories from months ago as well. The zoom feature lets you hone in on stories from the past 500 years all the way down to the past hour.

The runner-up challenge winners include:

See our Daylife mashup list for more examples of what people are building with Daylife. Visit the Daylife Cookbook for DayPI details, Sample Code, recipes, showcase mashups, and more.

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