Bestow API Enables Life Insurance Quote and Purchase through 3rd Party Apps

Bestow, a consumer life insurance product provider, has announced the launch of its Bestow API. Through the API, third party companies can offer life insurance as a service within websites and apps. According to the company, integrated apps allow consumers to explore options, receive a quote, and purchase life insurance in less than five minutes.

"Life insurance is complementary to numerous financial and consumer products that people interact with everyday," Johanthan Abelmann, Bestow Co-founder and President, commented in a press release. "Our API is a response to demand from companies looking to seamlessly integrate Bestow's point-of-sale life insurance offering into their app or website. Now in 32 states, we are accelerating our national expansion plans to provide access to millions of families."

Abelmann co-founded Bestow with the belief that life insurance should be effortless and available on demand. Bestow launched by offering online, easily accessible life insurance products. Now, through the API, the company is able to leverage third party platforms to expand the reach of its portfolio.

Bestow offers three options to programmatically access its products. The Smart Quote Widget allows developers to access Bestow's entire Platform with a single line of code. The Quote REST API allows developers to build a customized quote experience with Bestow providing the backend functionality. The Coverage API allows third party apps and sites to allow directly purchase life insurance from their sites and applications.

Public Documentation is not currently available. Request access by clicking here. While Bestow's API can integrate with just about any app imaginable, the company is specifically targeting Integration partners within the real estate and mortgage, financial, health and wellness, and family and lifestyle industries.

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