A Better Way to Compare Products?

Consumer Notebook just launched their API at PyCon. The Consumer Notebook site allows users take products and add them to lists and grids. Lists, as you’d expect, allow you to group common products. For example, gift ideas for friends, or books you’d like to buy. Grids provide a way to rank and compare a set of similar products. Perfect for planning your next cell phone upgrade, or deciding which trampoline best fits your lifestyle.

Consumer Notebook [is a] product comparison site that combines the best features of Open Comparison, Yelp, Consumer Reports, and Pinterest.

The API is REST based, and provides data in JSON format. Currently the Documentation only references read access to the principle resources: Users, Products, Lists, and Grids (a comparison of products).

The API also offers a JSON schema description of each resource type, as well as the API itself.

If you’ve been comparing tablets or e-readers, and the Kindle Fire is on your list, I have good news. Enter the Consumer Notebook API Developer Contest, and you can win one. Deadline is the 22nd of next month, so sign up, get a developer key, and build something amazing.

And when you signup, use my link. I’m still on the waitlist - 56th place - so help me out, okay?

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