BetterWorks Announces API to Connect Workplace Data Points

BetterWorks; creator of enterprise software that manages strategic plans, collaborative goals and ongoing business performance; announced an API dedicated to company goals. The BetterWorks API connects data points from across a company and displays the data in a manner that the company can view the data in context of its larger business goals. The API enables the creation of custom reports, dashboards, HRIS system Integration and goal updates from within any Platform or application.

"To succeed in a competitive and rapidly changing business environment, leaders must have access to the most up-to-date information on the performance of the organization and progress towards individual and team goals," BetterWorks' Head of Engineering, Dan Simon, commented in a press release. "As BetterWorks becomes the business operating system for the enterprise, we're building a platform designed to connect all relevant data points across the organization and more importantly, make that data usable for business leaders however they need it, in any system."

BetterWorks will make the API available next month, July 2016, and hopes that customers will create internal applications with BetterWorks data or connect data with external systems through the API. BetterWorks has already identified and worked with early partners (e.g. ConsumerAffairs, Volusion, Advance Digital, Instructure, etc.) that have effectively leveraged the API. The partners have integrated the API with business intelligence platforms, project management systems, project tracking tools, and more. BetterWorks has received positive feedback from early partners:

"Since deploying BetterWorks across our teams at Instructure, we've seen an increase in company alignment as employees set, manage and interact with individual and company goals," Instructure VP of Platform, Melissa Loble, commented in a press release. "Accessing this API will allow us and our common customers to finally marry learning and goals."

The focus of the API is to "combine the power of goals and the value of people." The key to this marriage is aggregating data points in an easily accessible and understandable manner. While the API will not be generally available until next month, BetterWorks has already announced major partner integrations with Google for Work, Zendesk, and Asana. Those interested can find more information at the developer site

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