Beyond Verbal Launches API to Help Developers Build Emotionally Aware Apps

Beyond Verbal, a company whose patented technology is capable of analyzing voice data in real time to determine emotions and character traits, has unveiled a new API.

"Wellness and fitness applications have advanced tremendously in recent years through technologies that quantify our exercise, our diet and our behavioral patterns. With the launch of Beyond Wellness API, we’re about to take another huge leap forward by enabling emotionally aware wellness and fitness applications and devices,” Beyond Verbal's CEO, Yuval Mor, stated in a press release.

Using the Beyond Wellness API, developers can give their apps the ability to identify and track the emotional states of their users and correlate them with other data being collected. The API is capable of determining a user's most dominant emotions and identifying up to seven prevailing emotions. It can also produce a Positivity Score, which reflects overall positivity or negativity, and an Emotional Score, which reflects a user's overall mood.

The Beyond Wellness Platform requires at least 20 seconds of voice recording, preferably with minimal background noise. Once a recording is obtained using the microphone of a smartphone or wearable device, it is submitted to the Beyond Wellness API, which responds with the analysis requested.

Using an API to Make the Subjective Objective

According to Beyond Verbal, the Beyond Wellness API adds a "unique edge" to a number of different types of applications. Quantified self apps, for instance, can use the API to help users understand which behaviors positively impact their emotional state. Remote care apps can help caregivers monitor the emotional well-being of those they assist so that they can provide better care. And fitness apps can provide users with a new dimension in which their activities can be evaluated.

The most compelling aspect of the Beyond Wellness API is that it gives developers the ability to more objectively quantify something that has typically been measured in a subjective manner. As the company points out, "Until now, emotional discovery and tracking have been largely limited to users' subjective self-logging of their perceived emotions. With the Beyond Verbal Wellness API, emotions discovery is now instantly available to every wellness app, wearable or service in a more insightful, objective, scalable and comprehensive way."

The research behind Beyond Verbal's technology began in 1995 and has involved hundreds of thousands of human subjects in more than two dozen languages. To further its development, Beyond Verbal also announced an additional $3.3 million in funding concurrent with the launch of its API.

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