From Bible APIs to Music APIs - 33 APIs Used in 7 Days

33 different APIs were used to build this week's new mashups on ProgrammableWeb. For the third week in a row, the two most used APIs where the Twitter API and the Google Maps API. Some mashups used APIs that were newer or less frequently seen, including APIs from Bible Gateway, Blogama, Panoramio, and the New York Times Movie Reviews. One prominent theme was music, with mashups that used APIs from,, LyricWiki, and MTV. The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Akismet Akismet used in Fun Tourist Attractions

Amazon eCommerce Amazon eCommerce used in DVD Movie Previews, Mahak

Bible Gateway Bible Gateway used in A Walk Through The Word used in Twitter Power Search

Blogama Blogama used in jQueery

eBay eBay used in Mirror TVs, Modified Cars

Flickr Flickr used in Anyvite, Creative Commons Car Pictures, Fun Tourist Attractions, jQueery

Google AdWords Google AdWords used in Google AdWords Performance Widget

Google AJAX Libraries Google AJAX Libraries used in Rent Jungle - Apartment Search With Google Streetviews

Google App Engine Google App Engine used in TwitGraph

Google Chart Google Chart used in Twitter Sentiment

Google Friend Connect Google Friend Connect used in jQueery

Google Maps Google Maps used in Anyvite, Fun Tourist Attractions, Map The Burg, Mappper - Personal Trips, MoMingle, Rent Jungle - Apartment Search With Google Streetviews, Sandrific, Sightseeing Tours, Swine Flu Tweets on Google Maps, World Sports Team and Stadium Search

Google Visualization Google Visualization used in TwitGraph

Guardian Guardian used in 1000 songs used in 1000 songs, Primavera Explorer

LyricWiki LyricWiki used in 1000 songs

MTV MTV used in Small Wide World

MySpace MySpace used in Small Wide World

New York Times Article Search New York Times Article Search used in jQueery, NYT Trender

New York Times Movie Reviews New York Times Movie Reviews used in jQueery

New York Times Newswire New York Times Newswire used in jQueery

OpenSecrets OpenSecrets used in jQueery

Panoramio Panoramio used in Fun Tourist Attractions

Plaxo Plaxo used in Anyvite

PriceGrabber PriceGrabber used in Mahak

ProgrammableWeb ProgrammableWeb used in Small Wide World used in All-in-one Dashboard Widget for

Sunlight Labs Sunlight Labs used in jQueery

TwitPic TwitPic used in Twitter Power Search

Twitter Twitter used in Anyvite, BlastFollow, MoMingle, Swine Flu Tweets on Google Maps, TwitGraph, Twitter Compressor, Twitter Power Search, Twitter Sentiment

Weather Underground Weather Underground used in jQueery

YouTube YouTube used in Anyvite, Fun Tourist Attractions

And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day. Here are last week's winners:



 Creative Commons Car Pictures


 Small Wide World


 Twitter Sentiment

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