Big Art Mob Puts Street Art on the Map

Created in 2006, Big Art Mob's original purpose was to accompany the Channel 4 show, 'Big Art Project'; the goal being to create the UK's first comprehensive map of street art. The site is now being re-launched along with iPhone and iPad applications, inviting users to upload and map public art anywhere in the world.

Big Art Mob will focus on street/public art only, encouraging anyone, anywhere to discover any form of public art (from graffiti to outdoor sculptures by established artists) and tag it to a map.

“We want to de-fragment how public art is documented and talked about, making a global hub for public art discovery,” says founder, Alfie Dennen.

One of the ways Big Art Mob will develop this street art community is by allowing people to create their own walking routes around a particular area, or for a specific artist, and share these with other people using the iPhone/iPad app.

Big Art Mob hope to generate funds by partnering with art institutions and organizations globally, and introducing paid walking routes on its app. Another avenue is via an API available to third parties who wish to make use of its Point Of Interest database.

The project is currently in beta phase, allowing only the first 500 users to sign up at this stage.

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