The Big Mashup from Sun

Yesterday Sun Microsystems launched a new, media rich site The Big Mashup: How the network is changing entertainment and news gathering in the Participation Age. The Big Mashup will feature a documentary with media and entertainment thought leaders, a community blog discussing the impact of changes brought on by the network, and other related content. A diverse group of people are involved including Andrew Baron and Joanne Colan from Rocketboom, author Douglas Rushkoff, DJ Spooky and Sun's CTO Web 2.0 and Chief Gaming Officer Chris Melissinos. More at Sun blogs from Paul Lamere, Carolyn Rohrer and their multimedia press release.

It also features a slick new mashup, SnappRadio that dynamically combines Flickr photos with music from to a create a song-specific slideshow.


And if you like, check all 12 mashups here.

John Musser



Can we have anothr type of mashup that can make information flow more flexible like service?