Bigbelly Launches Smart Waste Management API

Bigbelly, a smart waste management company, has announced its CLEAN API. Through the API, third parties gain access to Bigbelly's smart waste data. Third parties can integrate the data into their management systems, workforce management tools, dashboards, and other systems that help make users more efficient in waste management and disposal.

The data available through the API comes from Bigbelly's CLEAN Platform. The CLEAN platform is the company's core smart waste and recycling system. Through the platform, users create and manage centralized data regarding waste management, operational analysis, volume, fill rate, collection activity, and much more. The platform helps companies manage both fleet and waste/recycling stations.

Data available through the API include account assets (station location, description, profile), status (station fullness status & collection readiness), collection list (station ready to collect), collection summary for specified timeframe, alerts on account and component levels, collection frequency, fill rate, volume metrics, collection efficiency metrics, and filtering capability by group, current and historical timeframes. Access to the API is available to Bigbelly customers within the CLEAN license.

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