BigDataCloud Adds IP Fallback to Client-Side Reverse Geocoding

BigDataCloud, an Australian API provider and geolocation specialist, has announced the release of a new client-side reverse geocoding API that utilizes IP geolocation as a fallback method. The new API blends privacy and accuracy in a holistic approach to geolocation retrieval. 

eCommerce companies often rely on geolocation in order to tailor services or product offerings to individual customers. Gaining access to this data is simple when users are comfortable with the process, but privacy concerns and increased proxy use make direct access to location data problematic. BigDataCloud leverages client-side geocoding in order to extract a less intrusive granularity of data with hopes that this will build customer trust. Think Country/City/Locality level of accuracy rather than accessing precise GPS locations. That’s the sort of data that the company provides via its Client-side Reverse Geocoding API. 

But what happens when a user is still unwilling to share even this more broad location data? Well, as BigDataCloud outlines:

“In such a case, the only fallback approach is to use IP Geolocation. It is generally less accurate, especially with hosting (VPN/Proxy etc.) or cellular network users. Still, it is the only option to estimate a user's location without their consent for location sharing.”

BigDataCloud’s customers had noted frustration with building out solutions that combine client-side reverse geocoding with IP as a fallback, so the company engineered an API that provides all of this functionality in one package. The chart below outlines this process:

The API is free to use and developers can check out sample code over at CodePen

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