BigOven Bakes Recipes in the Cloud

Your next meal could be served up by BigOven's new API. The comprehensive service for those who like to cook provides more than 170,000 recipes in XML or JSON format (our BigOven API profile). From there, you can display it however you want, though there's a yet to be determined fee for commercial applications.

TechFlash reports how founder Steve Murch expects the platform to be used:

Murch anticipates developers taking advantage of the content to create new cooking applications for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices as well as new food-related mashups with Twitter and Facebook. Murch also sees the content possibly being used to develop applications for kitchen-related touchscreen computer systems.

For an example of what could be built, check out BigOven's free iPhone app, or the demo video embedded below.

There's a lot in this API. You can search by title, or any keyword. That means it's easier than ever to find cookie recipes that call for persimmons. In addition to search, you can access reviews and photos, plus a host of user-specific methods (using HTTP Basic Access Authentication).

One of the more exciting features might be the grocery list, which allows developers to view and add items to grab at the store. It's easy to see how this could be mashed up with the world's first grocery API from Tesco.

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Comments (3)

Thanks much for the mention! is growing rapidly, but not as fast as the number of devices and API's out there!

We'd love to see recipes everywhere, from tablets to mobile devices to home automation systems. And we think there are some intriguing integrations of this REST API (like the TESCO one you note, or Twitter, Facebook and more).

We're in an invitation-only beta right now with the API and are accepting applications. We'll then open it up more broadly as all the design and server-side testing warrant. Just a tip -- please be sure to provide some info on the intended use or platform if you're OK with that, so we can group together some beta participants by device/platform.

Thanks and happy cooking.

- Steve, founder & CEO,


I think the grocery API is intriguing, also bring in the seasonality of the ingredients, also the carbon footprint of the ingredients / other ingredient metadata.

Happy to be a beta tester!