BikeSpike Offers API for its Crash and Theft Detection Hardware

BikeSpike created a handy piece of hardware that easily affixes to any bicycle frame. The device contains a GPS device that can certainly track your mileage or help plan a route; but let's face it, your smartphone can do that much while sitting in your pocket (or underneath your biking tights). BikeSpike's mission goes beyond a simple GPS. BikeSpike offers automatic crash and tamper protection. BikeSpike aims to help users when they are unable to actually ride the bike. To spark further innovation around its hardware, BikeSpike provides an open API targeted at the developer community.

BikeSpike recently launched on Kickstarter, and aims to start shipping product and opening API access to interested developers during the next quarter. In its short existence, BikeSpike has garnered much press attention and relies on a strategic group of advisors that span multiple industries. Given that its hardware contains the smallest GPS chipset on the market, connects to a global cellular network, and will be open for hacking through its API; BikeSpike has made all the right moves when it comes to bringing a new piece of technology to the 21st century marketplace.

Public Documentation for the API is not currently available. For early API access, those interested can pledge at the $49 level on Kickstarter. BikeSpike envisions apps created with the API to include fitness, security, and gaming apps; or, developers can simply dump data collected from BikeSpike to existing third party apps.

Although smartphones seem to do everything these days, periodic reminders that additional hardware serves a valid purpose in today's world remain helpful. BikeSpike's compact, next generation GPS hardware serves as such a reminder and its open API should spur the software focused community's creative juices.

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