Billy's Billing API: Bookkeeping by the Numbers

The Billy's Billing API is aimed at small business entrepreneurs who have their hands full. (That description excludes no start up of course, but at certain crucial phases, it's really really hard to tear yourself away from the growth of the business to focus on...accounting. Ugh. And if you get a system that's too big for your needs to start with, it will cost you dearly in both money and time. For the small time operator, Billy's could be just the thing. Billy's goal is to handle invoices, contacts, payments, products, schedules, transactions, accounts, and more.

Billy's Billing API is RESTful, requests and returns are in JSON, uses HTTP basic Auth, and as with the software itself, is currently in beta. Calls are limited to 2,000 per day. Ruby and PHP examples are available.

As one testimonial painted it, "Billy's Billing is an intuitive accounting system; you don't really need any accounting experience in order to use it.”

Based in Denmark, they're just getting ready for a launch in the US. I'm always partial to businesses that lay out helpful criteria to evaluate whether their particular product is right forthe customer. In a guest blog,  Victoria Naugle lays out and discusses seven issues worth evaluating: cost, need, scalability, User Experience, technical support, vender stability, and cloud applications.

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