Bing Ads API Users: Mandatory Code Changes Required by February 1st

In October, Microsoft announced that "Landing Page by Match Type" functionality would be coming soon to Bing Ads. Microsoft has just announced that Bing Ads API users are required to make mandatory code changes so that their applications continue to work properly when Landing Page by Match Type updates are completed.

Landing Page by Match Type is a new feature that was added in early November to Bing Ads U.S. Customers and will be added to Bing Ads for customers in Canada, India, Singapore, UK, Ireland and France in upcoming months. According to the announcement, Landing Page by Match Type makes it possible for Bing Ads users to:

  • Assign a unique destination URL for each bidded keyword match types within the same ad group.
  • Pause or resume bidded match types independently even if they are for the same keyword.
  • Assign unique params for each bidded keyword match type.

There is a detailed list of the mandatory Bing Ads API code changes available at the Microsoft Developer Network site.

"All must prepare by making updates to their API code by February 1st to ensure the continued ability to manage campaigns with Bing Ads APIs."

It is important that developers implement the required code changes in order to prevent the upcoming Landing Page by Match Type updates from causing errors or possibly breaking their applications.

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