The Bing Fund Announces and Hosts its First Hackathon for Autism

The Microsoft Bing Fund has announced a series of hackathons intended to develop prototypes to enhance learning and independence for children and adults who live with Autism. The first Hackathon for Autism will commence on March 22nd and run through the 24th. Many individuals and families are affected by Autism on a daily basis; however, effectively diagnosing the condition and proper address seem to mitigate Autism's effect on daily life. Accordingly, the Hackathon for Autism hopes to lead to tool development that will ease Autism's effect on day to day living:

"The hackathon will be expected to generate a collection of prototypes. These prototypes will be judged by a panel of subject-matter-experts and parents....The winning Intellectual Property will be contributed to the open market for monetization and/or further development/research."

Contestants can submit apps based on one of three use case scenarios (i.e. instructional/motivational content for children ages 3-5, basic tasks for children ages 5-12, and public transport for those ages 12-20). Those interested can register here and show up at Seattle's SURF Incubator around 6:30 on the 22nd. Contestants will hear from an expert list of speakers and learn more about use cases before jumping into development.

Subject matter experts and parents will judge the entries and awards will be determined. Depending on feedback and submission, further hackathons will be decided upon and adjusted accordingly. The medical community sits at the early stages in effectively battling Autism. The Bing Fund and those affected by Autism encourage those interested in developing tools to empower individuals with Autism to attend or volunteer at the Hackathon for Autism.

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