Bing Maps API Gets StreetSide Panoramas and Enhanced Bird's Eye Imagery

There has been a lot of geo-related API news lately, and in part that's due to the ongoing release of new APIs, features, functionality, and data for mapping and location platforms. The latest news is the addition of the recently released StreetSide panoramas and enhanced Bird's Eye imagery to the Bing Maps API. A little over a week after these new features were added to Bing Maps they have now been exposed via several methods in the Bing Maps API (our Bing Maps API Profile).

Miami Bird's Eye

As you may remember from our earlier post on the new beta version of Bing Maps, it relies on Silverlight, so you'll need to update your SDK with the latest DLLs in order to integrate either or both of these features. Chris Pendleton at the Bing Maps Blog has instructions on how to download and install the DLLs.

Miami StreetSide

You should note that you'll need a Bing Maps API Key in order to authenticate with the Silverlight control. You can sign up for a key at

As mentioned in our previous post about the addition of perspective aerial imagery to Google Maps, the competition between Microsoft and Google mapping platforms is getting quite interesting, and this latest news from Microsoft makes the competition even more interesting.

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