Bing Provides New APIs Offering Local Insight

Earlier this week, Bing announced the addition of the Bing Maps Local InsightsTrack this API API, this news comes just 6 days after the release of the related Bing Maps Local Search APITrack this API. Both new offerings provide developers with tools for building applications and integrations that solve problems close to home for many users.

The Bing Maps Local Search API is RESTful and provides information on local businesses or points of interest. Developers can use this API to allow users to query businesses by name, category, or free text (free form text input allows users to type in queries in a natural way). The API returns data in either JSON or XML.

The Bing Maps Local Insights API helps provide developers with an assessment of the attractiveness of a location based on its proximity to other points of interest, while also factoring in predicted travel time. Similiarly, this API is also RESTful and returns data in both JSON and XML. 

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