The BioGRID API: Accessing Their Database of Proteins and Interactions

The BioGRID API is a RESTful API using XML and HTML to access over 35,000 articles that document over 550,000 raw protein and genetic interactions. The API webpage gives 9 examples of interactions returned as results, including for the human MDM2 gene and between S. cerevisiae CDC27, APC1 and APC2.

On the BioGRID homepage, four areas of interest are listed to help researchers get started:

  1. Build and download Interaction Datasets;
  2. Online tools and resources;
  3. Link to Biogrid or submit interactions;
  4. View Biogrid's interaction statistics.

According to Wikipedia, BioGRID stands for "Biological General Repository for Interaction Datasets," and notes that: 

"Users of The BioGRID can search for their protein of interest and retrieve annotation, as well as physical and genetic interaction data as reported, by the primary literature and compiled by in house large-scale curation efforts." Wikipedia reports that the database was, "Originally separated into organism specific databases, the newest version now provides a unified front end allowing for searches across several organisms simultaneously."

Human herpes virus, Hepatitus C, HIV, and Xenopus laevis (known as the African Clawed Frog) are among over 37 species supported in the bioGRID.

Hosted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Biogrid has a research center at the University of Edinburgh, housing the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology and School of Biological Sciences Laboratory.

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