BioID Launches PhotoVerify API for Live Image-based Verification

BioID, biometrics as a service provider, has announced its new PhotoVerify API. The new API is part of its BioID Web Services, and allows online product and service providers to verify legal identities of their customers. The API allows users to compare a live facial image against the image in a photo ID (e.g. passport, driver's license, etc.). The API ensures that the live image is from a live person (as opposed to a pre-recorded video or still image).

"Inconvenient registration and identification processes present a known barrier to adoption of a wide variety of online services, and anything companies can do to simplify these processes while remaining compliant with regulations serves to increase their user base," BioID CEO, Ho Chang, commented in a company blog post. " With our new PhotoVerify API, we are happy to offer online services yet another strong tool for hassle-free identify management and Authentication."

BioID anticipates heavy interest from industries where identity is essential (e.g. banking, document signing, identification processes, online exams, etc.). BioID stores no biometric templates or photos. The images used during the verification process are deleted as soon as the verification completes. Accordingly, BioID claims "[PhotoVerify] fulfills all requirements for an anonymous identity proofing services."

BioID provides the PhotoVerify API within its BioID Web Service. BioID offers its APIs in both SOAP and REST protocols. The API is available now through the BioID Web Service. Check out the release notes for more information.

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