Birdseye Mail API Tackles the Tablet Email Problem

DE-DE Group’s Birdseye Mail might be the first email client built purely for a tablet environment. Now, the Birdseye Mail API allows developers to integrate Birdseye Mail functionality with third party applications. App developers can take advantage of tablet-specific functionality and add rich email functionality to new and existing apps. DE-DE Group CEO, Hashem Bajwa, explained:

“Most email clients have just adapted how email works on a desktop to the tablet, even though our interaction with tablets is different and our needs in terms of email is different.”

Birdseye Mail describes its email client as its “take on tackling the email problem.” For anyone that has tried using email functions on a tablet or smartphone, email can be a serious pain in the neck. Birdseye Mail enables applications to keep needed email functions, but removes the difficulty. Functions utilized through Birdseye Mail were made to manipulate with fingers, are visually driven, and sized to fit tablet screens appropriately.

The Birdseye Mail API uses REST protocol and can return calls in either an XML or JSON data format. The typical method used allows developers to create custom actions for emails. To learn more visit the developer’s site or the API documentation.

Email on mobile devices can be annoying. However, app after app relies on some email functionality to subscribe, place orders, correspond, or achieve another needed feature to complete a full app. Birdseye Mail eliminates the pains associated with email on a tablet. The API enables apps to rely directly on Birdseye Mail features without writing code for specific email clients or apps.

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