BitLaunch Releases New API and Command-Line Tool

BitLaunch, the anonymous VPS and Cryptocurrency VPS provider announced today that they have released a brand-new developer API and command-line tool. The developer API lets BitLaunch users manage their account and their servers programmatically, allowing developers to integrate BitLaunch into their own Platform. Along with the API release and Go SDK, they have launched a command-line interface.

BitLaunch users can access the new developer hub which contains all of the resources they need to get started integrating their own automated solutions on top of the BitLaunch VPS platform. The developer hub includes full Documentation for their API and command-line tool.

"This is a huge step up for our users, enabling to create their own solutions based on top of a foundation of privacy, something that we care deeply for. We realize that writing a tool to interact with our API can be a hurdle for some users, so we're pleased to also release a command-line tool to give users a jumpstart to creating their own integrations with our privacy-focused platform," said Ari Jalava, COO.

Source: PRNewswire

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