Bitmovin Adds to the List of Video Infrastructure APIs

Bitmovin, a streaming video infrastructure technology provider, has released an end-to-end video infrastructure API. This news comes on the heels of a similar release from Synq. The API bundles the company's video encoding and video player services with a newly launched video performance analytics offering. The API also allows for Integration into many storage and CDN platforms.

The goal of the API is to provide and end-to-end, video infrastructure as a service API that streamlines the creation and delivery of Web-based video. Models supported include live video,VOD, 360, and virtual reality. When Bitmovin uses the term "video infrastructure", it means all the necessary components to deliver video in an online environment. From a raw video file upload and encoding elements, to storage and delivery through a player, to analytics post-deliver; Bitmovin provides every piece of the puzzle.

The new API Builds upon Bitmovin's old REST API. While the new REST interface is facially more complex, Bitmovin built in an abstraction layer that provides simplified workflows. The result is a highly flexible, easy to use interface that can bring a video infrastructure to the needs of the developer. Bitmovin has developed API clients, in the form of wrappers on top of the API, for most common programming languages. For more information, visit the API Reference, or the Docs.

Similar to parallels Synq made to ancillary app services; Bitmovin CEO, Stefan Lederer, commented in a press release: "As Twilio is to communication, and Stripe is to payments, Bitmovin is the API for video". We will wait and see if one particular video infrastructure API rises to household name status, but it certainly appears that this space was ripe for innovation. News from companies like Synq and Bitmovin suggest industry players are rushing to fill the identified market gap.    

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