BitPay Bitcore JavaScript API Receives Major Update

BitCore, an open source Node.js library enabling developers to create BitCoin apps with JavaScript, has been updated from 0.1 to version 0.8. According to Alyssa Hertig of, major improvements to the library have been made to elevate design and usability concerns. 

Version 0.8 now offers in-browser support for payment protocols. In order to simplify transaction handling, a Transaction class has been created to replace the TransactionBuilder class.

Specific features spotlighted in this release include address and key management, transactions and scripting, block parsing, json-rpc support classes, and new browser and Node.js support for signing and verification protocols.

"At BitPay we have been working on a major refactor for Bitcore. With a focus on design and code quality, security, documentation and usability, this release sets a new course for the library," states BitPay on their GitHub channel. "We hope it will be a good influence for the development of cryptocurrency-related software in JavaScript."

Bitcore version 0.9 and a 1.0 are expected to be released in the coming months.100% test coverage and full node capabilities are planned for version 0.9. Version 1.0 will be optimized for C++ bindings, will support third party security audits, and will support even more Bitcoin Improvement Protocols

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BitPay Announces Large-Scale Improvements to Bitcore, the JavaScript API