Bitreserve Creates Easy.Money App with Bitreserve API

Bitreserve has built and launched a new gift voucher app, Easy.Money, on top of its Bitreserve API. Easy.Money allows users to create personalized gift certificates in the amount and currency of choice. In addition to traditional world currencies (e.g., dollars, pounds, pesos, yen, rupees, etc.), Easy.Money allows users to issue gift certificates in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

“This kind of service is exactly what we had in mind when we launched Bitreserve Connect,” the company announced in a blog post. “We wanted to appeal to developers in every field, from the visionaries to the practical-minded; anyone who wants to harness the power of cloud money to make all their products easier, quicker, cheaper, and safer for their customers.”

While the company pitches the app as an easy-to-use, flexible, and free method to issue gift certificates that suit a user’s needs, perhaps Bitreserve launched the app with a greater intention to demonstrate the Integration capabilities of its API. Just last month, Bitreserve Founder Halsey Minor announced the importance of the API to Bitreserve’s corporate strategy. Easy.Money constitutes a material, concrete example of a financial service with which users around the world are familiar.

To purchase and send a gift card via Easy.Money, users must log in to a free Bitreserve account and select “create a voucher.” The user then selects from one of nine currencies or four precious metals and composes a message for the recipient. Users can send the gift card digitally or print out the voucher and personally deliver it to the recipient. On the receiving end of the process, the recipient needs to log in to a Bitreserve account as well. Once the money is in the recipient’s account, the recipient can hold, send, or convert money to other currencies using Bitreserve’s full line of cloud-based financial services. Accordingly, Easy.Money not only shows off the Bitreserve API, with every new account created by new voucher recipients it also expands Bitreserve’s reach to previously untapped users.

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