Bitreserve Launches API Platform for Currency Exchange

Bitreserve, dedicated to making digital money free and simple, has launched an API-based platform. The new Platform evolves the company from a digital currency service to a full fledged currency exchange and online transactions platform that online and mobile users can utilize (similar to ecommerce platforms in place for traditional, hard currencies). Bitreserve allows users to hold money in the currency of their choice, but transact in bitcoin which empowers the user by removing the need for fee hungry financial institutions and the risk of holding bitcoin which continues to suffer from significant value volatility.

"The [ API Platform] is a big part of our strategic plan," Halsey Minor, Bitreserve founder and CEO, commented. "We want to be the utility of money in the cloud....The API is creating a nexus that will drive functionality and partnerships 1,000 times faster than they would otherwise have been."

Bitreserve understands the need to appeal to users in the currency of choice. For instance, Bitrserve has partnered with Grupo Elektra (a retail store with outlets across Latin, Central, and North America). Minor admits that Elektra would lose interest in Bitreserve if Bitreserve refused to off services that include the Mexican Peso and the US dollar. Bitreserve's platform hopes to blend the best of all currency worlds. The low cost and ease of use that bitcoin brings and the reliant foundation of legacy currencies meet at the Bitreserve platform.

Bitreserve has listed its official docs at GitHub. It offers client libraries in PHP, Python, and Ruby SDKs. The idea behind the API-strategy is to expand the Bitreserve ecosystem to include both private individuals as well as public and enterprise organizations. Bitreserve believes that its platform can serve the same Function for currency that the internet did for data propagation. Minor believes digital currency is inevitable. The question is not whether digital currency will rise to global adoption, the question is when digital currency will rise to such levels. Many innovative platforms continue to hit the market with the intention of growing digital currencies. Bitreserve with their melding of world currencies and the digital world hopes it might just be the collaborative force the propels digital currency forward.   

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