BitTorrent Sync Crosses the 1 Million User Mark and Launches API

BitTorrent, peer-to-peer file sharing provider, has announced an API for its increasingly popular BitTorrent Sync service. The BitTorrent Sync API is aimed at developers who desire to build apps and workflows that leverage BitTorrent Sync capabilities. Whether the app plays in social media, enterprise apps, communications, or otherwise; the API will enable Decentralized syncing of data for increased privacy, security, efficiency, and less reliance on infrastructure.

Christian Averill, BitTorrent Director of Communications, commented:

“BitTorrent Sync is a syncing product (we are literalists here) to help manage personal files between multiple devices....It offers unlimited, secure file-syncing at no cost. With concerns about data privacy and security are currently at a peak, BitTorrent Sync has proven to be a timely technology and has been quite popular with our Alpha users.”

BitTorrent Sync has seen major adoption since its initial launch. With over 1 million users now using BitTorrent Sync, BitTorrent has reached a point where incorporation into third party apps seems an attractive offer to developers. Its new API could lessen reliance on centralized cloud providers, and strengthen peer-to-peer file sharing across the app ecosystem. The Platform is built for cross-platform compatibility, and sits in a good position for API adoption.

The BitTorrent Sync API is currently in beta; however, interested developers can register for a key. The API returns data in a JSON data format. Features include Encryption and selective sync alongside addition folder and file options. Check out the API Docs for more information.

The BitTorrent protocol has had a controversial history based on some individuals and companies abusing its power. However, groundbreaking technology wouldn't be groundbreaking if it failed to stir the waters. That said, BitTorrent Inc, the maker of BitTorrent, has built a robust platform based on the protocol and has garnered a legitimate, healthy business with the protocol. Its now popular BitTorrent Sync could become even more popular with the API release.

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