BitTorrent Updates Sync API

BitTorrent is targeting developers with the latest release of its Sync API, which offers new tools for IT admins to explore. BitTorrent also partnered with OneHub.

BitTorrent is growing up. The company made several announcements today, including a new version of its API and a new partnership with OneHub. The company wants to be seen as a Resource for power users, work groups, and small businesses that want an alternative to server-based solutions. 

BitTorrent claims its API is already successful. BitTorrent has issued 6,000 API keys since it first released the API several years ago. Developers have put it to good work for moving around large sets of data. Now the API is even better. 

The API is now RESTful and provides full access to all the features of BitTorrent's Sync app. BitTorrent API version 2.1 will always stay up-to-date with Sync functionality. BitTorrent also tripled the number of available API calls from 14 to 42. 

BitTorrent explains that the API is available in a two-tiered offering: free and paid. BitTorrent sees the free version as a good tool for developers and IT admins to test their Sync integrations, such as when preparing to roll out new products. This is probably best for non-business settings. The paid API is more robust and better able to cater to those who need it within live business apps. The paid version also comes with more support from BitTorrent. OEMs interested in dropping Sync tech into their products can now license the API, as well. 

There are four main benefits to the new API. 

First, Sync Integration. BitTorrent says developers can integrate Sync functionality into their app by embedding and controlling it with the API. It also allows IT to better manage workflows. For example, some workflows involve the use of multiple apps. Sync can now be ommended to act when another app is complete and trigger other apps when done. The new API lets developers build custom reports to consolidate Sync status across multiple devices, send notifications, create alerts, and share other data. Last, the API lets developers automate Sync functions. The app can be used to automate nearly all Syncing tasks, and will behave exactly how the developer wants it to when moving data between servers. 

BitTorrent points to its new partnership with Onehub as an example of the API put to productive use. 

"Onehub is our first enterprise app partner," said BitTorrent in a blog post. "They discovered an opportunity to differentiate themselves by radically improving their sync capabilities, and I’m very excited they chose Sync to enable this." Onehub offers online file storage and sharing for companies of all sizes, and delivers the business requirements needed from enterprise customers; be it more granular permission settings or certain activity tracking features.

The Sync app itself was also updated with the new API at its core. You can snag the app right here. Developers interested in transitioning to the new API can learn more here

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