Bitvore Precision News API Now Generally Available

Bitvore, precision intelligence solution provider, recently announced that its Bitvore Precision News API is now generally available. Precision News continuously surveils news on public and private companies, and governments. The data Bitvore pulls, aggregates, and consolidates is efficiently delivered to business analysts who make decisions based on the data. The API allows Bitvore's powerful AI to be integrated with third party apps and workflows.

"We are excited to offer Bitvore Precision News API to the market so our signal-driven intelligence can be easily integrated into existing systems and processes to drive better decision making," Jeff Drake, Bitvore CEO, commented in a press release. "The Bitvore AI Platform has been proven in over sixty of the world's largest financials and the release of the Precision News API will allow us to address additional use cases and industries."

Bitvore's AI engine can scan unstructured data from sources around the world. The need for analysts to google entities of interest should be drastically reduced, if not eliminated, by Bitvore technology. Bitvore sees the API providing programmatic access to CMS and CRM systems, as well as new applications that will be used by businesses.

Precision News covers over 300,000 national, local and industry sources. It identifies over 400 specific business signals and material changes. The API allows third party applications and the Bitvore to correlate IDs (e.g. tickers, URLs, etc.). Users can also make historical queries, and monitor 24x7.

The Precision News API includes three APIs (i.e. Municipal News API, Economic News API, and Corporate News API). News articles are tagged with metadata that describes content of a particular article. The three APIs have unique tags, but use a common structure. To learn more, check out the API docs.

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