Bitwage API Enables Faster, Cheaper International Wage Payments

Bitwage, digital wage payment solution provider, has launched the Bitwage API with a specific focus on easing burdens associated with international wage payment. Historically, sending wages to workers and contractors across international borders came with high fees and delayed payments. The Bitwage API was created to integrate with company systems and workflows and leverages the low fees and quick transfer rate associated with digital currencies.

Bitcoin, and other digital currencies, continue to pick up steam in certain areas of the economy; especially cross-border transactions. However, most innovation in the payroll industry remains focused on domestic employees. The Bitwage API addresses the lag in international-focused payroll innovation head-on. Time keeping software and platforms make for obvious Integration partners for the Bitwage API. Accordingly, Hubstaff arose as an early Bitwage API partner by integrating the API with its time tracking software.

"Bitwage brings two huge innovations to our international payroll system," Jared Brown, Hubstaff co-founder and CTO, commented in a press release. "Now our customers can pay their payroll with a credit card and take advantage of incredibly low transfer fees over Bitcoin. This is a game-changer."

The API includes Bitwage's entire range of solutions. Companies can take advantage of all Bitwage fund receiving methods, mass payouts, integration capabilities and leverage Bitwage's last mile partners. Methods through the API fall within several categories including company profile, company workers, company payrolls, company invoices, and user profiles. For more information, visit the API docs

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