Bizimply API: A Management Tool To Banish The Paperwork

Bizimply, a cloud solution operations management system aimed at restaurant chains and retail stores, provides the Bizimply API that enables developers to access its functionality. Built out of a need for managers to be free from unnecessary paperwork, allowing them to spend more time on driving sales, Bizimply is an easy to use application that allows users to keep an eye on business vitals at any time and see exactly how things are running from shift to shift.


It's a handy consolidation tool that puts all the little things involved in day to day operations management in one place. The Bizimply team say,

"We set up Bizimply because we believe that restaurant and retail managers should always be out on the shop floor driving sales, but unfortunately they are all too often stuck in the back office under a mountain of paperwork."

Features include a business dashboard that shows things like sales, reservations, shift reports and more, and an HR management tool that allows managers to access employee data including personal details, CVs, vacation information, training requirements and more. The system also allows managers to set and monitor daily and weekly targets, create reports and log shift notes electronically and track any customer, supplier, employee, maintenance or health and safety issues via a digital logbook. In addition, documents can be managed online, allowing for easy sharing of information and giving all stores instant access.


The Bizimply API works off RESTful principles and makes it possible to do things like get lists of stores, get lists of shifts and create metrics. Requests must be transmitted over a secure channel using HTTPS and authenticated by passing an api token in the request header. The API returns relevant HTTP Status codes when actions succeed or fail. Further information and documentation is available on the website.

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