BlackBerry to Disable Advertising APIs, Shutter Ad Business

BlackBerry today said it will take the BlackBerry Advertising Service offline on June 16, 2015. The move comes as the beleaguered smartphone maker continues to slice off non-core business units. Developers will need to prepare for the API shutdown to come.

BlackBerry launched the BlackBerry Advertising Service in the hopes of encouraging developer support for the BlackBerry OS 10 Platform. The service allowed developers to earn money through ads placed in mobile apps. BlackBerry’s OS 10 devices never set the market on fire and developers have been shy to support the platform. Nowhere is this more obvious than the BlackBerry World app store, which is a tenth the size of iTunes and Google Play. Though BlackBerry continues to make smartphones, its main business focus now is helping enterprises manage their mobile devices. BlackBerry sees this shut down as a way to help trim some unneeded fat.

BlackBerry said the BlackBerry Advertising Service servers will be taken offline June 16 and the APIs will be disabled right away. BlackBerry offered three APIs for its ad business, which were the Cascades Ad service, Core Advertising Service Library, and WebWorks Advertising. 

According to BlackBerry, any developer who used the APIs should remove all API calls to the Advertising Service ahead of the June 16 cut-off. Developers who are counting on the APIs will need to find an alternate advertising SDK that supports the BlackBerry 10 platform. BlackBerry suggested Smaato as a starting point. BlackBerry will cut checks for BlackBerry Advertising Service payments no later than September 16, 2015.

“As we continue aligning our business to support the enterprise, we would like to thank you for your past support of the BlackBerry Advertising Service,” said the company. “We wish you continued success with whichever solution you choose to help you generate in-app revenue going forward.”

BlackBerry has already removed many of the resources assoicated with the APIs from its developer website. If you’re writing mobile apps, Apple, Google, and Microsoft all offer their own advertising services for the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, respectively.

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