BlackVue Provides API Access to In-Vehicle Dashcams

BlackVue, a dashcam provider, has announced its Cloud API for the BlackVue Dash Cameras. The target audience for the new API is GPS tracking and fleet management solution providers. BlackVue commented that the API resulted directly from feedback from its corporate customers.

The API allows remote access to in-vehicle dashcams. Access can come from fleet management solutions, or other third party apps. The API allows such apps to receive video from the cabs, but it also allows additional features like push notifications in the event of a vehicle accident.

The API is RESTful and includes features such as account registration, login/log out, cloud usage, live streaming, video file request, and much more. The API is currently compatible with 4 BlackVue dashcam models.

The API is not publicly available. BlackVue is building out its fleet developer toolset through partnerships. The API is the latest developer since the Fleet SDK was released.

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