Blekko: Automate With the Spam-Free Search API

Blekko is a search engine which uses both algorithms and human interaction for producing high quality search results. Currently serving more than 3 billion pages, Blekko sorts through spam, content farms, and sites containing malware in order to offer only real information to the end-user.

One of the coolest features of Blekko are custom search terms called slashtags for example "freebsd /news" returns FreeBSD news results from blogs, online magazines and other tech news sources.

The Blekko search API uses RESTful calls and all results are formatted in JSON. Developers are free to integrate the api into web services, toolbars, and mobile applications. A current restriction is a one query per second limit.

Search Query API[API Key]

Blekko API Results

Pagestats API[API Key]

Slashtag API

Log in Via API[USERNAME]&p=[PASSWORD]&auth=[API Key]

Add to Existing Slashtag[SLASHTAG]&submit=update&urls=[LIST]&auth... Key]

Creating a New Slashtag[SLASHTAG]&submit=create&urls=[LIST]&auth... Key]

Removing URLs From a Slashtag[SLASHTAG]&urls=[LIST]... Key]

Deleting a Slashtag[SLASHTAG]&auth=[API Key]

Inbound Link API[API Key]&
Must register your server IP address with

Blekko's Inbound API is meant to display information about inbound links pointing to a given page or site.

To get started using the Blekko API contact for Documentation and an API Key.

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