Blinkx Provides App, Open Source Video Player for Tizen Device Platform

Tizen, the open source, standards-based mobile device Platform that resides in the linux foundation now has a dedicated blinkx app, plus an open source blinkx video player. 

The blinkx API requires registration to see any Documentation but more information on the video player for Tizen is available.

According to the press release, blinkx's HTML5 video player is designed for developers to incorporate into their apps.

"The blinkx app, available through the Tizen store, will replicate the look and feel of the recently re-launched, tapping into over 35 million hours of online video and over 800 media partnerships to give mobile viewers access to an incredible array of high-quality videos. Whether searching for a specific clip or browsing categories such as News & Politics, Celebrity and Viral, users on the go will have the same immersive video experience they enjoy on"

As Dusan Belic put it in intomobile, there's just one thing missing: our first Tizen smartphone... But that may be coming at the end of the year, supported by Intel and Samsung, as an alternative to Android, he reports.

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