Blizzard Entertainment Launches New API Site and OAuth 2.0 Support

Blizzard Entertainment, the developer and publisher of a variety of popular online and desktop video games, has announced the launch of a API site with new APIs featuring OAuth 2.0 support and new interactive Documentation. The API site is the new home for the Blizzard Community Platform API, World of Warcraft API, Diablo III API, Starcraft II API and other APIs available for the game Platform.


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At the time of publication, there were four API routes/scopes that support OAuth 2.0:

  • World of Warcraft /wow/user/characters
  • Starcraft II /sc2/profile/user
  • /account/user/id
  • /account/user/battletag

Two sample OAuth libraries/plug-ins have been made available on GitHub for Ruby and Node NPM languages. Developers who would like to use any of the available APIs must obtain an API Key by signing up for a Mashery account if they do not already have one. Authenticated Mashery accounts are able to make more than 9,000 API requests per day. There is new interactive documentation powered by I/O Docs that developers can use to test out different game APIs.

It should be noted that the old Community API URLs will be deprecated at some point in the near future. In addition, the World of Warcraft, Starcraft II and Diablo III APIs are being moved to a new host, and the protocol is being changed from HTTP to HTTPS. More information about API migration is available on the API site, as is information about using the new OAuth 2.0 APIs. The separate API-related forums from the World of Warcraft, Diablo III and other game sites are being consolidated into one single forum. There is also a separate forum for bug reporting and API issues.

According to the announcement post, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment/ are already working on more APIs that will be added sometime in the future. For more information about the new APIs featuring OAuth 2.0 support or to check out the new interactive documentation, visit

For an example of Blizzard Entertainment Gameplay, check out this promotional video from the company:

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