Blizzard Hints at Pending Release of Hearthstone API

Blizzard Entertainment caused some buzz on its forum recently when it responded to a group member's request for a Hearthstone API. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard's massively popular digital card game, will soon have its own API whereby developers will gain access to game details currently unavailable. While players have thus far relied on their own personal observations, forums, and popular reports to help strategize, an API will bring an entirely new approach to the game.

While the company has yet to release any specific details regarding the API, the developer community has certainly made its requests. Season rankings, current legend ladder standings, decks, achievements, match stats, account information, and much more have all been pitched as beneficial data Blizzard could offer through the soon to come API. While the company remains tight lipped for now, we can be sure that the API will deliver levels of insight into the game that will further the intense strategy and thought the game already compels.

The Blizzard contact that leaked the API news mentioned that the API release is just a matter of timing at this point. The API has been requested and anticipated for quite some time. Some believed it would be released in tandem with the Grand Tournament, but we're yet to see anything official. In the meantime, individual developers continue to hack together their own APIs with the limited access to Hearthstone data. 

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