Blizzard Updates the World of Warcraft API

Blizzard Entertainment, the maker of the popular World of Warcraft massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is making changes to a number of its APIs. 

Earlier this month, it announced pending Mythic Challenge Mode API changes, including the removal of keystone affixes from each leading group's entry in the list of leading groups. Instead, the keystone affixes are being moved to their own property in the JSON response from the Mythic Keystone Leaderboard API.

Because it acknowledged that the change could make it more difficult for developers to determine which affixes apply to a leading group, it is also revising the Mythic Challenge Mode API response JSON document to include data that will help developers address this.

Additionally, over the weekend, Blizzard announced that it will update the Mythic Keystone leadboard API responses to include 500 leaderboard entries instead of 100 and remove localization and name data from one of the keys in the responses.

Blizzard says that these changes are scheduled to go live today. More information about the changes is available on the Blizzard forums.

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