BlockAvenue Releases its First API and Showcases First Mashup

BlockAvenue, location-based analytics company, has announced the release of its first BlockAvenue API. The API gives developers access to BlockAvenue's data (e.g. BlockScores, block reviews, neighborhood reviews, counts, etc.). BlockAvenue provides geolocation data on most neighborhoods across the US, often down to the block level. Its database grows everyday and BlockAvenue expects the API to push BlockAvenue towards its ultimate goal:

"Just about a year ago, BlockAvenue set out on a mission to help consumers find out what it’s like to live in a specific area (down to the block level) and this API is one of our first big steps toward our goal."

BlockAvenue developed and tested the API with its first API partner: Rentenna. Rentenna provides a database for rental properties (including area statistics, reviews, availability, etc.) and the BlockAvenue API provides detail on the surrounding neighborhood. Rentenna included the BlockAvenue API with some other APIs (Google Maps, Yelp, Wikipedia, etc.) and created the "ultimate rental search mashup." Public Documentation is not currently available for the BlockAvenue API. Most of BlockAvenue's robust database seems to be available via API. Those interested in learning more should visit the API page to email the team. Geolocation apps and APIs arise by the dozen as of late. BlockAvenue takes a unique approach in combining social data with pinpointed geolocation data to provide valuable insight into every square inch of a neighborhood. The API mashups with such data are seemingly endless. From rental property mashups to zone planning, the BlockAvenue API has been long requested and will be well received.

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