Migrates to Silicon Valley’s Coinbase

Coinbase, a crypto-coin wallet hosting service, has acquired, a Slovenian startup also competing in the BitCoin exchange market. Similar to service providers such as Blockchain, and it's API counterpart supply a readable index of parsed crtypocurrencies, displaying daily trends in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digitalcoin, Quark, Peercoin, and Megacoin. 

Coinbase remarked that they plan on keeping the original service up and running, but it is unsure whether it will be indefinitely hosted. It is projected that the technology developed by will be implemented into future iterations of the Coinbase API. As part of the acquisition,’s two co-founders, entrepreneurs Sašo Matojina and Samo Drole, make their way to join the Coinbase team in San Francisco.

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Coinbase Acquires to Enhance its Blockchain API