Blog Spam Hits The Road With Comment SPAM Wiper

No-one likes a spammer, so 'high fives' for the development of more spam-obliterating solutions. Be it blogs, wikis, guestbooks or discussion boards, all have been the victims of spammers' endeavors to increase their search engine ranking. Comments are automatically posted in their dozens on multiple sites, and the process of manually deleting each of these is becoming increasingly tiresome. Comment SPAM Wiper (CSW) and it's SpamWipe API are designed to automatically protect a site from spam comments, posts, track-backs, ping-backs and the like. Hooray!

Each time a new comment is added to a user's site it is submitted to the CSW Web Service which determines if it's spam or not. This clever little spam slayer works by taking into account the content of the comment as well as the name, email, link URL(s), and other relevant details posted with that comment. The returned data identifies whether or not the comment is spam and if it should be blocked. Another great feature is that the system has the ability to learn and constantly improve on it's accuracy the more it's used.

Those who are interested in making use of this tool can do so via CSW plugins or the CSW SDK (software development kit), which provides access to the Comment SPAM Wiper API. The API key is available for free via a sign-up form on the CSW website.

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