BlueJeans Announces Technology Partner Program and Access to APIs

BlueJeans, a meetings Platform provider, has announced the launch of a new Technology Partner Program that provides select partners access to a set of BlueJeans APIs. These APIs allow businesses to add video, audio, and web conferencing capabilities to applications and systems. Among the many use cases for the BlueJeans APIs are providing customer service support via video conferencing, creating a conference meeting virtual assistant that records meetings and provides transcripts, and creating virtual classrooms for higher learning institutions.

"BlueJeans' Technology Partner Program is unique in the industry, both for the openness of its development team and the ease of use of its API," said Ruston Vickers, VP of Engineering at Vyopta, in a prepared statement. "The team at BlueJeans recognizes the important role partners play in enhancing the company's meetings solutions, and that is a critical step in working together."

The company has published an SDK on GitHub that provides an example of integrating BlueJeans WebRTC Video with a web page. There is also an interactive API Explorer on GitHub for the BlueJeans Meetings REST API. This API allows developers to add BlueJeans video administration functionality to applications. Companies that join the company's Technology Partner Program will be provided access to a set of APIs, tiered product development and go-to-market support, and formalized set of go-to-market activities.

"BlueJeans has received strong support from some of the most influential companies in the industry, developing key product advancements with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Dolby, Samsung, Marketo and Amazon," said Steve Weinstock, Sr. Manager of Business Development and Integration Partnerships at BlueJeans, in a prepared statement. "Companies can now leverage our APIs to gain access to our meetings platform and to help BlueJeans create an ecosystem of modern, simple and trusted applications."

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