BlueLight Chooses Bandwidth API Platform for Added Campus Safety

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BlueLight is changing campus safety with technology that’s making the blue call box obsolete. When BlueLight needed to easily integrate phone calls and text messaging into its application to scale across campuses nationwide, the company chose Bandwidth’s App Platform to embed efficient call routing through a direct-to-carrier voice and messaging API platform.

“Bandwidth’s carrier network and API platform gives us unique access to resources that we depend on to grow our business”

BlueLight takes advantage of the mobile phone that is already in everyone’s pocket with a simple yet powerful app that allows users to get in touch with the nearest authorities more quickly than ever before. The app routes calls to first responders, using GPS technology to transmit the caller’s location. Dispatchers don't need to integrate anything on their side. BlueLight can also notify friends or loved ones when they’re “on their way,” keeping everyone updated throughout the travel episode.

To scale its application and attract new campus customers, BlueLight approached Bandwidth for help. In Bandwidth, it found the only provider on the market with both an easy-to-use voice and messaging API platform and control and ownership of the underlying carrier network with access to a large inventory of local phone numbers across the continental United States, readily available whenever a user needed to make a call. It also found a level of high-touch support that was unmatched among platform providers.

In working with Bandwidth to develop its next product iteration, the BlueLight team found a partner that could grow its business with unmatched service and support. Since making the move to Bandwidth, BlueLight has grown to 80 campuses nationwide. The app routes dozens of emergency calls per month and the number of users has been increasing at a rate of more than 100 percent, month over month. Bandwidth also helps with BlueLight’s future growth plans, as the app has been requested at 450 additional campuses across the country.

"Bandwidth’s carrier network and API platform gives us unique access to resources that we depend on to grow our business," said Preet Anand, BlueLight CEO & Founder. "As thousands of people depend on us for their safety, we have found a unique voice and messaging API platform provider in Bandwidth that we can depend on. We are looking forward to continue our partnership into a new stage of growth for our business."

"We love working with applications like BlueLight, who have seen a clear market opportunity and improved an age old model for public safety," said Steve Leonard, EVP and General Manager at Bandwidth. "We are proud to provide them with the resources and support to strengthen their position in the public safety market, and we welcome the opportunity to help BlueLight expand its business to hundreds of additional campuses across the country."

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